RAYVN has now added a new function where you can add internal groups as stakeholders. 

Many of our users have both internal and external networks that could benefit from being able to use the collaboration feature, and now that's possible!

To read more on how to enable groups as stakeholders, click here. 

The collaboration feature is also improved in terms of the user interface, and should now be easier to use and comprehend. 

The most significant change is that the fields "Contacts" and "Number" are replaced with a field called "Notes". Here you can add all types of information about the stakeholder, such as names and phone numbers or other important info.

Other improvements: 

  • System log entry now displays which notification type is used for each member of the team when they are added to the log.
  • All email types sent from RAYVN are formatted the same way, with the RAYVN logo on top.