You can add more teams to a log at any time. Click on the notification status indicator in the top right corner. 

The sidebar is opened with all the active users and teams. In the top corner of the sidebar, you can click “Add more teams”. 

You will now see a list of "Available teams". 

  1. Click to add the team
  2. Click to see team members, and how their specific notification options
  3. Turn off notifications. By default, teams will receive a notification when they are added to a log. But, you can turn this off. They will be able to access the log but will receive no notification about this.
  4. Click to dismiss a team from the list of "Selected Teams". They will then be move back down to "Available Teams". 

When you are done selecting teams, click OK. The Selected Teams will receive a notification (if selected), and will be able to access the log.