The Next Of Kin Center is an extra module and is only available to users with the Next Of Kin Operator role.

When opening the Next Of Kin Center you will see a feed. The feed contains all released information from the main feed. In addition, the feed contains details about calls to the Next Of Kin Center. 

Several operations can be performed by the Next Of Kin Operator:

  • Receive phone call

  • Register new affected person

  • Update next of kin about affected person(s) and released information

  • See status of all next of kin operators

  • Chat between next of kin operators

Receive phone call

Start registering a new incoming phone call by: 

  1. Hit the “New Incoming Call” button

  2. Register which number the call is coming from. To register a number you can do one of two:

    1. Type in the phone number of the caller and hit enter

    2. Select from the list of suggested telephone numbers by clicking on the number

  3. Register the Next Of Kin who is calling

    1. Type in the name of the Next Of Kin to register a new/search for an already existing Next Of Kin

    2. Select the suggested Next Of Kin