The Main Feed shows the real-time updated log feed. All users that are logged in on the incident will see the same log and the log is updated for all in real-time, both on the web and on the mobile version.

Posting entries in the feed

To log text, place your cursor in the main feed input field and start typing. 

To post your text to the feed hit Enter or click “Post Entry”. The entry will immediately become visible for everybody that has access to the feed for this log.

If you want to add a new line before posting, make sure to hold down the Shift key while hitting Enter.

A log entry can be tagged as a "Key event" and/or "Released info". 

  • Key events are important log entries that you later may want to filter on. Key events will be highlighted with a blue line to the right in the feed.

  • Released information is information that can be released externally. If your license gives you access to the Next Of Kin Center, released information will become part of the Next Of Kin log as well. Released information is highlighted with a green line to the left in the feed. Both key events and released information can be selected in the same log entry.

In some cases, you want to log on behalf of another person. This can easily be done by hitting the “On behalf of” link. Select the correct person to log on behalf of from the suggested list.

Uploading images or files to the feed 

To upload images or files to the log, click on the file-upload icon to the right of the log entry input field. You will be able to select the image from your file system. You can add one, or more files to each log entry. 

When the image or file has been uploaded, you will see it as a thumbnail underneath the log entry text field. It has not yet been added to the feed. Now you can either upload more images, you can add text about the image or you can post it directly to the feed. 

If you add multiple images and/or add text to the image, make sure to hit the post button in order to store them.


Filtering the feed is done by clicking “Log filtering options” underneath the log entry input box. Four different types of filters will be made available. 

You can:

  • Filter on Key events. Only key events will be shown in the log feed. 

  • Filter on Released Info. Only released info will be shown in the log feed.

  • Filter on a team. Only entries posted by members of the selected team will be shown in the log feed.

  • Filter on a user. Only entries posted by the selected user will be shown in the log feed. 

  • Filter on meetings. Only summaries from meetings will be shown in the log feed.