You can easily assign tasks to your personnel during any situation. When you have started a log, you can access the tasks module by clicking on "Tasks" on the right side of the interface.

From the task module, you will be able to:

  • Create new tasks
  • Assign tasks. Assign to any person that has been invited to the log
  • Set a deadline for tasks
  • Monitor status of all tasks in real-time
  • Mark tasks as completed
  • Delete tasks

Create new tasks

Start to type the title of the task in the text field. Then click Enter, or click on the button "Create task".

The task will then be listed under the list of tasks. The task will immediately be available for all users, as an incompleted task.

Assign tasks

When a task has been created you can assign it to a person by clicking on "No person selected" under "Assignee". You will get a list of the users that are invited to participate in the log. Assign a specific person by clicking on the name. For a long list of persons, you are also able to search, and then click on the name.

When a person has been assigned a task, they will immediately be notified by SMS and a mobile app notification (for users that have logged in to the app). They will also mark their task as completed in the mobile app.

Set a deadline for tasks

Set a deadline for a specific task by clicking on "No deadline" under "Deadline"Select the preferred choice for the deadline. The user will receive a notification by SMS and in the app, about the deadline.

After the deadline has been set, you are still able to change the deadline. Just click the set deadline, and select a new deadline of your choice.

Monitor status of all tasks

The list of tasks will be updated in real-time. When you mark a task as completed, it will be updated on everyone else's task list. When other users complete tasks, your list of tasks will also be updated. This gives everyone a great insight into what needs to be done at any point during the incident. There is no need to refresh your web browser, or mobile app in order to update the list of tasks. Everything is being updated automatically.

Mark task as complete

Click on the checkbox next to the mark you want to mark as completed. You are then asked to select which person has completed the task. In this way, you are also able to mark things as completed on behalf of others. When you have selected the correct person, the task is moved from "Tasks" to "Completed tasks". The completed task will be listed with "Completed by" and the timestamp "Completed time". This information will also be available in the reports so that every task that is being completed, or not, is being well documented.

Delete tasks

If a task has been created by mistake, or for some reason need to be deleted, you can delete it by clicking on the cross or X on the right side of the task list.