The tasks are always available in the mobile app. You can always open the app and get an updated list of what needs to be done in the specific situation.

Create a task

When you are in an active log, you can create a task by clicking on the green "action button."

Then, click on "Add task".

Write a title and a short description of instructions for the task.

If you want to assign the task to a specific person, you can tap on "Assignee". Choose the person you want to assign the task to, and click OK. The assigned person will receive an SMS, letting them know that they have been assigned this specific task.

Choose which level of priority the task should be marked as. If you don't select any level of priority, the task will be marked as "Normal". 

You can also set a deadline for the task by tapping on "Deadline" and choosing the exact time the task should be finished. If you don't set a deadline, the task will be marked with "Immediately", meaning the task should be done as soon as possible. 

View tasks

When you are in the open log, click on the menu at the top right of the log. If you have been assigned tasks, the menu icon will also have a badge with the number of open tasks that are assigned to you. 

In the menu, click on "Tasks".

Here you are presented with the updated list of tasks. There are three sections here:

  • Assigned to me: If there are tasks that are assigned to you personally, they will be listed here.
  • Unassigned or assigned to others: All other tasks will be listed here. You will be able to complete these tasks, even though they are not assigned to you.
  • Completed tasks: All tasks that have been marked as completed are listed here.

To mark a task as completed, just click on the checkbox next to the task, or click on the task. Here you will find the option to mark the task as "Closed". You can also mark it as "Could not do", and add a comment if you could not complete the task. 

There is also an option to mark the task as closed on behalf of someone else, in case they have forgotten, or in case someone else did the task. 

Note that you can also choose to add an image to the task. When you click "Add image", you will get the option to choose to take a photo with your camera or upload an image from your camera roll. 

The task you marked as completed is moved to the section for "Completed tasks". As you do this, the list of tasks is automatically updated on everyone's task list. Keeping everyone up to date.

Create new tasks by clicking on the green "+" icon. 

Edit and delete tasks

You can quickly delete a task by swiping a specific task - to the left, and clicking "Delete". 

To edit a task, tap on the name of the task.