Everyone that has received notification will be able to access the specific log in their mobile app. The content of the log will be updated in real-time, providing everyone with the latest and up-to-date information. 

Add a log entry

To add a log entry, tap on the green button, in the lower right corner.

You will then be presented with four options. To post a log entry, click on "Post log entry". 

There is also a shortcut into the "New log entry" mode by tapping and holding the green button for 1,5 seconds. 

When you see the "New log entry" screen, you can start typing your log entry text. 

When you are done typing, you tap "Save entry".

If you want to add an image to the log entry, you can do so by a tap on "IMAGES". You can then choose whether you want to take a picture, or add pictures from your phone's image library.

You also have the option to mark your log entry as "Released information" or a "Key event". The log entries with either of these states will visually stand out from the rest of the log entries.

Key event
Will visually highlight the log entry in the log. If you are posting some important information that you want your team to notice, and that should be easily recognizable in the log, you can mark your log entry as a "Key event":

Released information
Log entries that are marked as "released information" means that the information in this log entry contains information that your team is allowed to pass on. This is important if you are managing a situation that contains sensitive information for your organization.

Add images to a log

Click on the green button in the lower right corner for the log feed. Choose whether you want to "Take a picture" or if you want to "Upload a picture from library". You can add multiple images to one log entry.

You are also able to add a picture to a log entry if you first choose "Post log entry". It let you first write some text as the log entry, and then add a picture to the specific log entry.

When you have posted an image to the log, the image will be uploaded in full quality to our server, but a thumbnail will show in the log feed. To view the image in full quality, tap on the thumbnail image in the log. The image will be shared with everyone that has access to the specific log.