Contacts are imported to RAYVN from Account settings – Contacts.

Click "import contacts from file".

You will now see a window where you will be able to click, or drag and drop an import file into the dropzone. 

The import file has to be formatted in a specific way, and we recommend downloading the template files in either Excel or Google Spreadsheet below. You then only need to copy/paste in your contacts data, before exporting a "tab-delimited" text file.

It is important that you only copy the contact's data into the spreadsheet, not the formatting from your original file. For example phone numbers etc should be formatted without spaces etc. "12345678", not "12 34 56 78".  In Excel, you can choose "Paste only values", which will add only the data, without any text formatting.


In Excel save the file as "Text (Tab delimited)". 

In Google Spreadsheet, download as "Tab-separated values". You will then get a .tsv file. Rename it after download, and give the extension - .txt before uploading to RAYVN. 

Templates Import files 

You can download an example file in 

Connecting data fields

When the file has been successfully uploaded, you will see a new dialog where you shall map fields from the import file to fields in RAYVN. Click on the dropdown field at the top over each column. Select which data field this column represents. All columns need to be assigned. The template has a column header. You need to check the "First row contains column headers" checkbox. In this way, the first row won't be imported.

If you want to add all your contacts directly to one of your premade contact lists, you can do so by selecting a contact list at the bottom of the screen before you click "Import". 

Note: Doing this will add all the contacts from the import in the contact list. If you want to select specific personnel to add to a contact list, you must first complete the import, and then select the personnel from the list of contacts.

Error handling

RAYVN provides some error handling in the import engine. If RAYVN discovers data with the wrong format or other kinds of irregularities, those rows will be marked. Import cannot be completed until all rows are correct. Duplicate email addresses are not allowed.

The image below shows an error while trying to import the header row, which does not have the correct data to import. I have tried to import the first row that contains column headers. RAYVN marks the row and displays a warning sign with a tooltip. The content of the tooltip will give guidelines on what is wrong.

After a successful import, you can mark contacts, and add them to a Contact list, move them to a Group, or upgrade them to a Responder.

Removing an import batch

Go to the tab “Imports” in the Account settings. 

All active and reverted imports will be visible here. To "Revert an import" means that all the contacts from an import will be deleted in one operation. Click the specific import batch you want to revert/delete, and then click "Revert". 

Tips and tricks

If you want, you can upgrade your contacts to responders or users.

To do so, select the contacts you want from your list of contacts, and click "Upgrade to responder". The contacts will then show up in the list of responders. 

If you want to upgrade them to users, you must first upgrade the contacts to responders, and then repeat the process in the "Responders" section. 

Select the responders you want, and click "Upgrade to user".