The default method for a user to log in to RAYVN is to use: 

  1. Username and password

To add an extra layer of security to your account, RAYVN offers Multi-factor authentication (MFA). 

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides a method to verify a user's identity by requiring them to provide more than one piece of identifying information. This ensures that only valid users can access their accounts even if they use a username and password that may have been compromised from a different application.

If MFA is enabled on your account, you will need the following to log in to RAYVN:

  1. Your username and password
  2. A 6-digit one-time code from an authenticator app on your phone (such as Google Authenticator or similar apps)

This extra layer of verification prevents others from logging in to your account if they should get hold of your username and password. They will need access to the SMS that is sent to your phone to be able to log in. 

MFA, also known as 2FA (Two-factor authentication), is used in many IT platforms to avoid hackers or forbidden access to user accounts. 

All customers can determine whether or not they want to enable MFA on their accounts. But we recommend that everyone use MFA for increased security to their RAYVN account.

Note that you will not need an MFA login each time you log in to RAYVN. You can choose "Remember this browser," which will let you log in to RAYVN from your browser without being prompted to enter the MFA code every time you log in. You will only be asked to add the MFA code when:

  • You log in from a different web browser
  • It's been more than 30 days since your last MFA verification (in that specific web browser)
  • You have been inactive/not logged in for more than seven days

Contact us for more information about the MFA and how to enable this for your account.

Logging in for the first time with MFA

When logging into your RAYVN account for the first time after MFA has been activated, you will be met with a QR-code. 

You can use your mobile phone to scan this code, and select your preferred authenticator app to keep your login key in. 

If you don't use authenticator apps when using MFA, you can select "Try other method". Here, you'll find options to select to get authentication codes through SMS or e-mail. 

The first time you log in with the MFA, you will be presented with your personal recovery codes. Use this to be able to log in with MFA if your mobile phone is not available. Copy the codes, and keep them for later use. These recovery codes can also be reset by your RAYVN admin if needed. 

Confirm that "I have safely recorded this code". Click Next/arrow.

You are now good to go. Click "Continue" to enter RAYVN.

How to log in with Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Go to the standard login page, and enter your username and password. Click "Log in".

If MFA is enabled for your account, you will be asked to enter a 6-digit code from your authenticator app (such as Google authenticator, Microsoft authenticator, and others). Once you've added the code, click on the arrow. Note that the authenticator code is time-limited and will be replaced by a new code. You will receive a different code each time you log in. Old codes cannot be reused. 

If you're logging into RAYVN through a new browser, you can also check the checkbox "Remember this browser". RAYVN will then remember and authorize logins from that specific browser for the next 30 days.