The Stakeholder functionality allows you to collaborate with external companies/partners (Stakeholders) in an open log in RAYVN. The functionality is available for all RAYVN customers, but you need to add the stakeholders that are important to you in RAYVN. After you have added one, or more stakeholders, you are ready to start a collaboration whenever a critical event occurs, right from your active RAYVN log. Read more about how to use Stakeholder functionality. 

For this demonstration, we will connect two organizations in RAYVN, "Red Company" and "Blue Company", to set up the stakeholder functionality between these two. Our organization is "Red company", and we would like to be able to set up a collaboration with "Blue Company" during any critical event.

Add and invite a stakeholder

To have a real collaboration between your organization and others, it must be a shared objective. Both organizations need to agree that you agree to collaborate. This is reflected in how you add stakeholders in RAYVN. 

Go to "Account settings."

Click the tab "Stakeholders."

Click "Invite stakeholder."

  1. Add the name of the company/organization
  2. Add the email address of the primary contact for the organization
  3. Optionally, you can add a phone number for the contact and a message that will be added to the collaboration invitation email. 
  4. You can click "Preview invite" to see how the invitation email will look when it has been sent, or you can click "Send Invite" without previewing it.

Click "close preview" and then click "send Invite." An e-mail will be sent to the chosen e-mail address.

Now we have added the stakeholder "Blue Company." At this point, there is no "connection" between the two organizations. When you have selected the stakeholder in the list of stakeholders, you will see the stakeholder's info. It is labeled as "No current agreement."

At this point, you can:

  • Set a stakeholder type (Local, Regional, or Global). If your RAYVN account uses multiple groups in a hierarchy, this defines at what level of the hierarchy the stakeholder will be connected to. Depending on if the company might be a local or company-wide resource.
  • Define a group the stakeholder should be connected to
  • Add contact points under "Notes." This allows you to add key contact persons from your stakeholder. This is optional and is only meant as a reference, and you don't have to add any persons to be able to use the collaboration functionality.
  • Click "Save" when you are done.

Once the stakeholder accepts the invitation, the red bar under "Stakeholder info" will turn green and be labeled "Connected."

Repeat these steps for each new stakeholder you need to add. By doing this, you are building a network in RAYVN of connected companies that will be able to provide each other will help and assistance during critical events.

Tell your stakeholders you would like to connect with them in RAYVN, and start building your network—all to provide even better Emergency Preparedness.

Collaborate with external companies/partners (Stakeholders) in an open log in RAYVN