You can easily share log entries with your stakeholders. 

First, make sure that:

Open your log, and find the log entry you would like to share with your stakeholders.

Tap in the share icon.

You will now see a list of the stakeholders you have added to your log.

Select one or more stakeholders that you want to share the log entry with (in this example there is only one).

Optionally, you can also add a message that will be added to the ones you're sharing with.

When you have selected stakeholders, and maybe added a message, tap on "Share".

The log entry will then be added to your stakeholder's log feed.


When you have shared the log entry, you will see a label with the name of the stakeholders, that the log entry was shared.

Your stakeholder will see your log entry like this. Containing information about who shared the information, and with timestamps on when the original log entry was posted, and shared.

And the stakeholders can then share back to you the same way.