The conference call feature is available both in the Web- and App-version of RAYVN. 

To enter a conference call in the RAYVN app, do as follows: 

  1. When you open a log in the app you'll be able to see a little camera icon. Click on it to enter a meeting.
  2. When you click on the camera icon for the first time, you'll be asked to give access to your device's camera and microphone. Once you've accepted, you'll be able to see a preview of yourself before you enter the meeting.
  3. Click "Join meeting" to join the meeting. 

Conference call functions

As in the web version of the conference call, there are many different functions in the app version of the conference call. In the picture below you'll be able to see all the different functions: 

  1. By clicking the small arrow at the top left corner in the conference call window, you'll minimize the window. The conference call window till then just look like a small bar at the bottom of your screen in the RAYVN interface, like this:

    The camera 
  2.  You can flip between using your device's front camera or back camera by clicking the camera icon in the upper left corner. This could for example be useful if you need to show your surroundings to the other people in your conference call. 
  3. Turn on or off your camera by clicking on the camera icon at the bottom left corner. 
  4. Turn on or off your microphone by clicking on the microphone icon at the bottom. 
  5. By clicking on the three horizontal dots you'll get the option to go to the settings or see the list of people in your call. 
  6. Click the gear to go to settings. Here you can change which microphone or camera you want to use and test your speakers. You can also adjust the video quality to match the one that's best for your network. If your connection is poor, you should switch to a lower quality to save bandwidth. The bandwidth saver option will turn your camera off. You'll receive low-quality video from others. You cal also change the language for the features in the call by going to the "language" tab. 
  7. By clicking on "People", you'll see a list of all the current participants in the call. You can also change your own name by clicking on the three dots next to "You", or hide self-view if you don't want to see yourself. 
  8. If you want to leave the call, click the red button called "Leave".

The camera icon on top of your screen can show three different colours: 

  • When you are in an active call, you'll see the camera icon turns green, and you'll see a green banner across your screen: 

  • When someone else is in a call, but you haven't joined yet, the camera icon is blue, and a blue banner will show up:
  • And lastly, when no one is in a conference call, the camera icon is grey, and there is no banner across your screen: