When you start your first subscription to RAYVN, you'll get a 7-day free trial!

This way you can try out a bunch of the features in RAYVN for free before starting a full subscription. 

After the 7-day period, your free trial will end and your trial will automatically become a full paid subscription unless you cancel your subscription before the 7-day trial ends. 

How to start your free trial

To start your free trial, go to rayvn.global and click on the red box that says "Start free trial":

From here you'll be taken to a new window which looks like this: 

Here you can create your account by signing up with your work email and selecting where you would like us to store your data on our servers. 

You'll then receive an invitation email that welcomes you to RAYVN and takes you to a page where you can set a password to your account and log in. 

Once you've logged in, you'll be taken to this page: 

Select "Add payment method" to add your preferred method of payment. 

This page will show up, click on "+Add payment method": 

You'll then be taken to this page: 

Stripe validates your credit card input. If you add the wrong information, Stripe will notify you immediately. The user is not allowed to add the card until the valid information is entered.

To go back to RAYVN, click on "Return to New Business".