The notification center is located next to the settings, and looks like a bell. 

What is the notification center? 

The notification center is where you can receive information from your stakeholders, if they haven't mobilized your organization yet, or if you have declined an invitation to start a log and collaborate with your stakeholder. 

The only receivers of the information shared in the notification center are users who are in the "responsible team" connected to your stakeholder, in the stakeholder agreement.

The responsible team is chosen when you set up a stakeholder agreement in the account settings. You can change this team if you have access to the Account settings. 

Why can't I see the notification center button in my account? 

There could be several reasons why you won't be able to see the notification center-icon in your account. 

Firstly, you won't see the notification center-button before the first time an non-mobilized stakeholder sends you a message. The button will first be visible after your first notification shows up. After that, it will always be visible. 

The first reason may be that you are not in a responsible team connected to any of your stakeholders.
Since you aren't in one of the teams, you will also not receive a notification from your stakeholders. 

How to use the notification center? 

When you need to share information to a stakeholder, but don't need to mobilize them in a log, you can still choose to share a log entry, or a report or such with them. 

Instead of the entry or report showing up directly in your stakeholders log, it will be visible for members of the "responsible team" connected to your stakeholder agreement. 

They will receive a notification that will show up as a red dot next to the bell:

When they click it, they will see the shared information from your account, and can choose to share it to one of their own logs, or to any of their internal or external stakeholders.