If your user is assigned to one single tier/level, you will be presented to a single log. All that is being shared in this log is automatically shared to other team members with access on this level.

The only difference from the standard version of RAYVN will be that you can share individual log entries, and images, to other levels. Also to tiers/levels you don't have access to. This can be useful if one level adds important information, that also needs to be shared to other tiers.

An example can be a personnel injury. If the Operation level is the ones that are coordinating external  resources, they can, for example, share log entries that are of importance to the tactical level like:

> An ambulance is on the way. ETA 10 mins. (Shared by XX, Operation level)

If a user/team has been assigned to multiple tiers, they can easily switch between the different levels in the log view. You can see which tier you are operating in next to the "Incident title" in the log view. Click the tier indicator to view you available tiers.

 In this way, you can view the log on the tier of your choice. As well as creating log entries on a specific tier. You can switch between log tiers throughout the entire incident management.

Share log entries between to other tiers/levels

Individual log entries can be shared to other tiers. Click on the little arrow on the log entry you want to share.

Then select which log tier you want to share to. 

You will the see a confirmation that the log entry has been shared. The log entry will now be available in the log feed to the selected tiers.


Tasks are connected to the tier. If a person on tier Y adds tasks, the task will be visible for users on tier Y, and so on. If you need to add a task for users on tier X, you need to switch to tier X, and then create the task.


One important feature of the Strategic module is the ability to conduct status meetings during the management of the critical event. Read more about status meetings here

The Strategic module on the mobile app

When you open the RAYVN app with an active log, you will see the active log marked with the log tiers that are assigned to you. 

When you open the active log, you will be taken into the log view. Above the log entries, you will see which log tier that you are in next to the "Main log" indicator.

If you have been assigned to multiple tiers, you can tap on the tier indicator, and you will then be able to choose which tier you want to open. When you add text or images to the active log, the log entry will be added to the active tier.