Next to the main feed is the map. The map can be used to see the location of: 

  • Key Events
  • Sites
  • Incidents
  • Resources
  • Participants (and you can choose to see the participants names)


If a user logs in to the RAYVN app on their mobile device and accepts to share the location, the user's position will be shown in real-time on the map with an icon and the user's name. 

In order to turn on and off tracking on the mobile phone, hit the tracking link and select on or off there.


Incidents can be added to the map by selecting the incident in the side panel on the left-hand side. When you have selected an incident, you will see a link just under the feed entry input field called “Position incident”. This will open fields above the map. Now you can add the position of the incident in three different ways:

  • By address. Enter the address in the address field on the map. As you type the address RAYVN will suggest street addresses automatically. Select the correct one and press enter. Hit the “Select this position” button.

  • By Geo position. Enter the geo-position in the Geo position input field and hit the “Select this position” button.

  • Click directly on the map. When you click, you will see that the input field for geo position is updated. Click “Select this position”.

Key Events

When logging, key events will be placed on the map to indicate where the logger was located when the entry was logged.

Filter your map markers

You can filter the map to show exactly the information you need. You can turn on and off filters for different elements to show or hide them. You can turn on and off filters by clicking “Markers” in the upper right corner of the map. You can filter between:

  • Key Events
  • Sites
  • Incidents
  • Resources
  • Participants (and you can choose to see the participants names)

Both Map and Satellite view are available from the top right corner of the map.

Drawing tools

It is also possible to mark different shapes or areas in the map by using the drawing tools, located to the right in the "Map" section in your log: 

Using the drawing tools you can create figures such as circles, triangles and squares to mark different areas on the map. 

You can change the name or the color of the shape by selecting the shape you want to edit: 

Weather overlays

In some incidents, it can also be useful to add weather overlays to your map. You can do so by clicking the "Weather overlays" button, and adding the kind of weather option you want to see: 

Take a snapshot of your map

If you want to include a picture of your map in your log feed, you can click "Take snapshot". A snapshot will immediately be taken of the area you are viewing in the map. Make sure that you are looking at the area you want to take a picture of, before you click "Take snapshot".

Once you've taken a snapshot, the image will be uploaded to a new log entry. Make any changes to the log entry, like adding some text, and click "Post entry".

The picture of the will also be available in the "Files and links" section when you've posted your log entry. 

Edit the location of your log

Its also possible to change the location of a log after the log has been started, if you are using the web-version of RAYVN. 

To change the location, click the location marker at the left side of the title of the log. You'll then open the map, and be able to select a new location for your log.