To be able to access the incident types editor you must have an administrator role.

To view or edit incident types, click on the gear icon/settings in the upper right corner and select “Incident types”. 

You will see a list of your incident types. Click on any of the types in order to view or edit.

The incident editor has the following fields:

  • Icon. Select which icon should represent incidents created based on the incident type. You can select the icon by clicking on the drop-down menu and selecting the desired icon.

  • Name. Add a name that represents the incident type.

  • Description. Add a description of the incident types.

  • Default Severity. Select which severity should be set as default on the incidents that are created based on this incident type.

  • Tasks: It is also possible to add specific tasks to the incident type. They will be added to the list of tasks in your log when you activate a specific incident type in an ongoing log. 

After the incident types have been set up, you can easily create an incident in the mobile, or web app, according to the incident templates that you have created.