The Next of Kin Center is an extra module and is only available to users who are added to a Next of Kin team.

(Next of Kin - Shortened as "NOK").

Members of a NOK team will receive a notification like any other team. When they log in to RAYVN in their web browser, they will see the active "log" in their Dashboard. 

When they open it they will see the NOK module.

Like the standard RAYVN log, the NOK center has a log/feed view on the left side of the screen. The log will show information from:

  1. "Released information" from the active RAYVN log
  2. All entries that the NOK team creates with in- and outgoing phone calls

Above the feed, you have multiple options for searching and filtering the information you need. Use the search field to filter information about names or text fragments. Just start typing, and RAYVN will automatically filter according to what you have entered in the search field.

On the right-hand side of the NOK center, you can make do several actions:

  • Log phone calls
  • Register callers and their information
  • Register affected persons and their information
  • Set the relationship between a caller and an affected person

Access the NOK log

Only members of the NOK team will be able to add information to the NOK log. But other users, with access to the RAYVN log, can see the NOK log next to their Map/Task/Incidents in their standard web view. But this is a read-only view. Just so that they can see what is going on in the NOK center. They are also able to see the list of Callers and Affected persons. The RAYVN user can also invite NOK teams from within the NOK tab in their active log interface.

If you don't have access to the Next of kin center, please contact us for more information