The Next Of Kin Center is an extra module and is only available to users with the Next Of Kin Operator role.

When opening the Next Of Kin (NOK) Center you will see a feed. The feed contains all released information from the main feed. In addition, the feed contains details about calls to the NOK Center. 

Several operations can be performed by the NOK Operator:

  • Receive phone call

  • Register the new affected persons

  • Update NOK about the affected person(s) and released information

  • See the status of all NOK operators

The NOK module is an extra module that can be used in RAYVN. The NOK center is a call center function that helps organizations log incoming calls from Next of kin during incidents. Log entries will be stored in a log separated from the main log. The NOK operator registers incoming calls into the tool. The tool also provides the operator with the latest released information from the main log. It also shows which operator(s) have talked to an Affected person.

  • A user of the NOK center is not able to read the main log. A separate, dedicated NOK log is available for those users. 
  • A person gets access to the NOK center by being a part of a NOK team. By adding at NOK team to an active RAYVN log, the NOK center will automatically be available for the assigned NOK team.


  • When organizations are affected by incidents involving human life and health, this will reinforce the need for registration and information control. Next of kin have a high need for information and are desperate to know how their nearest is. 

  • During incidents, NOK must be handled. Not is this important on a human level, but also since the organization will suffer reputational loss if NOK is poorly handled

  • Many organizations lack the tools and routines to handle NOK

  • Rumors often flow in social media, with pictures and information. The organization should have an established practice for producing and providing quality information to affected NOK. 

  • Information to NOK must only be facts and confirmed information


  • Oil & Gas

  • People transport

  • Manufacturing 

  • Organizations with traveling personnel, or personnel that live or work abroad

  • Public organizations

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