RAYVN on Computers

RAYVN can be used on a wide range of environments as long as the user has a web browser installed. There is no need to install any other additional software on the computer.

Recommended web browser:





It is also possible to use Internet Explorer 11, but since Internet Explorer won't be updated in the future, we recommend to use RAYVN with the recommended browsers.

RAYVN on mobile devices

To use RAYVN on your mobile phone, you should install the mobile app for iOS or Android. You can install the app for free, but to be able to access your RAYVN account, you will need to log in with your RAYVN username and password.

The RAYVN app requires:

iOS 9.0 or later

Android 4.1 or later

At the moment there is no native app for iPad. But you can install the mobile app for the iPhone on the iPad. Another option on the iPad is to access RAYVN by using Safari, by logging in to app.rayvn.global, as you would do on a computer.