During an ongoing log, you can view the location of your team members, as well as the location of the log and incidents if these have been specified. This gives you a birds-eye-view of where all your resources are located.

To access the map in the mobile app, tap on the menu icon on the top right corner. Then choose "Map".

You can navigate the map by pinching and zooming with your fingers. 

Below the map, you can see a list of persons and incidents that are involved in the specific log. If you only want to see either Persons or Incidents on the map, you can enable the filter. The filter is set to display All by default.

In the list, you can also tap on the person or incident. This will focus the map on the specific resource you want to zoom in to. This might be convenient if there are lots of resources on the map, and you just want to see the location of a specific resource.

The location for persons is updated in real-time for users using the mobile app. People that use RAYVN through a web browser will share the location of the specific computer. The location of incidents is set when creating the incident.