Closing logs applies only for users with: 

Customer Admin role

Group Admin role

Log Manager

When an incident or exercise is over and there is nothing more to add, you can close down the log. This can be done in the active log or from the dashboard. 

Close a log in the active log 

1. Go to ACTIVE LOG and click on the red cross in the upper right corner of the log. 

2. You now got the option to close the log with or without a message. This message is optional. 

     If you "Close with message", all teams and personnel that are involved in the log will receive an SMS with the message. 


Close log from the dashboard

1. Open RAYVN Dashboard and below the red "start log" button you will see the open log. 

2. Click on the arrow pointing downwards next to the incident name and select Close log. 

3. Close the log with or without a message. 

Reopen a closed log

Note that you can always reopen the log after it is closed. Go to "Closed logs" in the settings menu. 

From there you can find the log you want to reopen. Click on the arrow pointing downwards next to the right of the log and select Reopen log.