Once a log is created, and the notifications have been sent out, will RAYVN automatically track everyone's responses and categorize the responses. You do not need to spend valuable time making sure the right teams and personnel have received the notification (read more about the notification channels here). RAYVN does that for you so you can start managing the incident right away.  

You can find the team status in the upper right corner and also in "Teams" in your toolbar. 

Users within the GRAY box have received the notifications but has not responded.

Users within the RED box have responded that they cannot participate in the log.

Users within the YELLOW box have responded that they will participate but are not ready yet. 

Users within the GREEN box are active and ready to participate.

If you click on the "team status" icon, you'll be taken to the "Teams" section in your toolbar.  

From here you can see all teams and participants in your log. 

You'll be able to see who has responded and what they have responded.  

Go to Add and dismiss teams