To register a phone call with the NOK (Next of kin), click on Register new call.

Add the caller details, including the name and phone number. Then click "Continue call".

You can now add Call notes in the text field. Here you should add a summary of what the person wanted to know, or what kind of information you shared with the caller. 

Usually, the phone call will be about an affected person. If there are no affected persons registered yet, you can click Add affected person.

Add the personal details of the Affected person the caller is related to. Add the name, and if any information/notes are relevant to add to the personal information. Then click on Register

You should now set the "Relation" between the Affected person and the caller. Under "Selected affected person", you will see "Person X" is _________ of "Caller Y". 

Click on the empty field, and start to type the type of relationship. This can be:

  • Son
  • Daughter
  • Wife
  • Father
  • Mother
  • etc.

When you have defined the relationship, click on Save. You have now added an affected person. If there is more than one affected person that is related to the caller, you can add more affected persons.

You will now see:

  • On-call with: Caller X
  • Affected persons: Person Y (one or more persons)
  • Call notes:  Your notes from the call

When the call is finished, and you have added all the necessary information, click on End call.  This will add the phone details as a log entry in the NOK log on the left side of the NOK Center. 

You will also see the total number of "Callers", "Affected persons" and "Handled calls", under the "Register new call" button. If you click on the "View list" under these numbers, you will see the list of persons that have been registered. If you click on any of these, the log will filter the log with the calls that are connected to the selected person.