The short answer is yes. RAYVN can be used in all countries that have access to the internet and/or provide mobile phone coverage.

By demand, RAYVN creates national phone numbers that are used to send SMS from the system, as well as automated phone calls.

Scan this QR code with your phone, and add RAYVNs contact info to your phone's contact list. Whenever you receive an SMS or Phone call from RAYVN, it will be recognized by your phone as RAYVN.

Or, on a computer, you can click here to download the contact file.

Today RAYVN has national phone numbers in:

CountrySMS Number

+61 428 261 656

Canada+1 647 931 3382
Chile+56 9 4595 0601
Germany+49 157359 81940
Lithuania+370 668 02698
Malaysia+60 11 3011 5899
Netherland+31 970 044 98984
Norway+47 59 44 61 58
Sweden+46 76 519 43 94
United Kingdom+44 113 320 2308
USA+1 424 312 0441

By demand, RAYVN can register phone numbers in most countries in the world. If your country is not on this list, please contact us, so that we can start to make inquiries in your country. 

Some countries operate with restrictions, concerning the ability to create phone numbers by foreign companies, as well as other circumstances. There might also be limitations in some countries for using the two-way communication that RAYVN uses the collect responses from SMS's sent from RAYVN.  For more detailed information, please follow this link to Twilio, our provider of notification services.