In the "Current status" tab, you can add numerical values describing the currents status of the situation. This section is meant as a quick way to communicate to your teams what the currents status is. The status can be any measurable entity like: 

  • Injured people: 2
  • Persons evacuated: 52
  • Etc

The numbers/values can be updated by clicking on the button "Update current status" (a). Update the value to describe the current situation, and you can also create new categories you want to report on in the current status. 

When you save the Current status, a log entry with the new status data is added in the log/feed (b). 

In the Current status section, you will also see records of the previous data in the Current status, so that you can see how the status/numbers have changed during the event.

You can also edit the current status as part of conducting a status meeting. When the meeting is closed, any updates of the status made in the meeting will be added to the log, as well as recorded in the Current status section.

You can also view the current statuses in the mobile app.