If you have connected with stakeholders in your account settings, you can easily invite one or more stakeholders to collaborate in active logs in RAYVN. 

First, go into an active log in the RAYVN mobile app. Then, click on the menu icon to the top right. And then tap on "Stakeholders" in the menu.

You will now see a list of the Stakeholders you have added to this log. 

If the list is empty, you will see a banner that says "Mobilize stakeholders". You can click here, or at the green circle with a "+"-icon to add stakeholders to your log.

If you already have some stakeholders in your log and want to add more, you can do so by clicking the green circle with a "+"-icon. 

Here you will find the options to: 

  1. Mobilize stakeholders. Click here to select which stakeholders to notify and invite to collaborate. 
  2. Add a note. It can be about stakeholders or the current situation.

Select one, or more, stakeholders, by tapping on the checkbox next to the stakeholders in the list. If you want, you can also add a message, that will be included in the request you are going to send.

You will see a warning, informing you that when you tap "Mobilize", RAYVN will notify the connected team in your Stakeholder, by using RAYVNs notification functionality. So just beware that when you do this, the phone will start ringing at your stakeholder's team.

When you have selected the stakeholders you want to collaborate with, tap "Mobilize stakeholders".

Notifications will now be sent to the responsible team in your stakeholder's organization. Requesting them to accept to start a collaboration connected to this specific log. 

You will now see that the stakeholder you added, is listed under "Active" stakeholders. But until the stakeholders responsible team accepts your request to collaborate, the status is set as "Pending". 

The different statuses: 

  • Not connected: if a stakeholder is marked with red and the text "Not connected", it means that they don't have a valid collaboration agreement with your company in RAYVN.
  • Pending response: collaboration request has been sent, but the stakeholder has not yet responded to the invitation.
  • Not participating: the stakeholder has declined the invitation to collaborate. You can click "Remobilize" to resend the invitation.
  • Participating: the stakeholder has accepted the invitation to collaborate.
  • Withdrawn: the stakeholder has accepted your invitation to collaborate but has closed the log. Notice that you can also click "Remobilize" to resend the invitation to collaborate with this user. 


You now see how the request looks in your stakeholder's RAYVN account, after receiving your request.

The red tab lists which company/organization requests collaboration, and also has the title of the active log.

By tapping the red tab, they are asked to Accept or Decline the request.

Before Accepting, you have three options: 

1. Start a new log named "X" (X = name of stakeholders log title)

If you receive a request to collaborate", and you don't have an active log in your own RAYVN account, this might be a good option. A new log will be created, and you will get information from your stakeholder into this log. None of your internal teams in RAYVN will be alerted, although you can add your own teams to this new log after opening the log if needed.

2. Add to existing log: "X"  

In some cases, you might already have an ongoing log managing a situation in your RAYVN. Let's say there is a fire in a larger industrial area. You are already aware of the situation and have started a log internally. Then, when you get a request from one of your stakeholders to collaborate connected to the same situation, you can use this option to connect the collaboration request to your already existing log. This means that the log entries you stakeholders share will end up in your existing log. This means that all your internal, and external information is added to the same log, which again will make it more effective, rather than having your stakeholder's information end up in a separate log feed. Additionally, if important information is added to your internal log, you will then be able to share this specific information directly with your stakeholders from your log. 

By using this option, the stakeholder will not gain access to your entire log feed. It is only to define that your stakeholder's log feeds should be added to this specific log, and also that you can share to your stakeholder from the same log. 

3. Start new log from template: "Y" (Y = name of your log template)

If you receive the collaboration request and see that this situation requires that you also engage your internal teams, you can use this option. You will then start a new log, which is connected to the collaboration request, and at the same time notify your internal teams. 

The difference between option 1 and 3, is that option 1 lets you start a new log without automatically activating your internal teams, but option 3 will immediately notify your internal teams as well.

When your stakeholder has accepted your request, their status will change from "Pending response" to "Participating", in the list of active stakeholders.

You are now ready to start to collaborate with your stakeholders in RAYVN. Sharing information between your RAYVN accounts.

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