This feature is a module designed to send out large amounts of SMS notifications in a short amount of time. 

Since this feature is developed as a module, it must be enabled from our end. If you are interested in enabling this module, please get in touch with us for more information. 

How does Emergency Communications Solution work in RAYVN?

Once you have the module enabled, you'll be able to send out a large amount of SMS notifications using the "Send message" feature.
This feature is located at the top of your screen inside the log in RAYVN. Look for the small paper airplane: 

When you click on the airplane, you'll get a view that looks like this: 

As you'll notice, you can only send emergency communications to contact lists. This feature is only meant to be used for mass-notification. 

On the right side of the message box, we've added a preview of how the SMS will look. This is to make it easier to see how your message will look for the receivers. 

At the bottom of the message box, you'll find your current character count, 

Note that this module only supports SMS, not Email.

If the message exceeds 160 characters, you will be informed that the message will be split into several segments when you send it. This will affect throughput and reduce the speed somewhat. 

You can still send SMS or emails as regular messages if you have the Emergency Communications module. To do so, click on the "Regular message" tab. Here, you can search for individual participants, teams or contact lists. 

If you are planning on sending out a notification for more than 500 people, we recommend using the Emergency Communications module. If you select more than 500 people, you'll get a message that looks like this: 

If you do not have the Emergency Communications module enabled, the message will look like this: 

Sending a message

When sending a SMS to a Contact list using the Emergency Communications module, a log entry will appear in the log. The log entry shows a progress bar, and when you use your cursor to hover over the bar, it expands and displays more information about the message. In this example, you'll see that two messages have been delivered to the recipient, and one has failed. 

To see more information about the failed message(s), you can click on the row below the bar which takes you to the SMS section in the Report module. 

The progress bar will display 4 different delivery statuses, indicated with 4 different colors: 

* Orange: Total SMS to be processed

* Blue: In Send progress

* Green: Successfully delivered

* Red: Failed


  • When the Emergency Communication module is used, the users receive SMS from sender "RAYVN", and not a regular phone number. 
  • The receivers can not reply to that SMS.
  • When Regular Message is used, the user will still receive an SMS from the regular number, and they can reply to it. 

The Archive

In the Archive (available to users with the Log Manager role, or higher), you'll also find a section called "Message log". 

Here you'll find columns for Recipients, Sent time, Status and Segments. 

The status field will show whether or not the message was successfully delivered, and if you hover over any status that says "Not sent", you'll get a short description as of why the message was not successfully delivered.