In the Reports section of RAYVN, you can create customizable reports that can be shared with your collaborators. 

If you want to download closed logs, check out this article about the Archive

Creating a report from a log

When you are in an active log, you can go to the "Reports" section in your header to create a report. 

Click "New report" to start a new report.

You can choose to either create a report from scratch by clicking "New report", or create a report from one of your predefined templates. 

Select the option you want, and start to fill inn the fields you need. 

Every section can include text and attachments. 

In this example, the first section contains predefined text, but you can change it by clicking on the text. You can also choose to attach the following: 

  • Log entries 
  • Tasks 
  • Current Status
  • Resources

Attaching a log entry

To attach a log entry to a section, click on "Attach",  and select "Log entries". 

 Select which log entries you want to add, and click "Attach log entries" to attach them to your report. 

Attaching tasks

To attach tasks to the section, click "Attach" and select "Tasks". 

Then, select the tasks you want to attach, and click "Attach tasks". 

The tasks are sorted by degree of urgency, and you can see both open and closed tasks in the list: 

Attaching status fields

To attach a status field from "Current status", click "Attach" and select "Current status". 

Then, select the status fields you want to include, and click "Attach status fields". 

You'll be able to see the time at which the status was last updated or added. 

Attaching resources

To attach resources to your section, click "Attach" and select "Resources". 

You'll only be able to add resources that have been added to your log. 

Select the resources you want to include, and click "Attach resources". 

After you've added everything you want, your report should look something like this: 

Anything you've attached to the report can be removed by clicking on the small red "x" next to the attachment. 

Finalizing your report

Once you've added all the information, text and attachments you want to your report, you can finalize your report. 

Note that every time you leave the report, it will be updated and saved. You can toggle from the active log, to the report section without losing information. 

To finalize your report, click "Finalize report" at the top of your report view. 

Note that when you finalize your report, it freezes all content in the report and prevents you from making any further changes. You cannot undo this action once you've finalized your report. 

Once your report is finalized, it is ready to be shared. In the log feed, you'll find a link to your finalized report in a pdf format. 

Sharing your report

You can share the report, either from the log feed, or from the reports section. 

Click "Share", and select the Rooms/Stakeholders you want to share your report with. 

You can also download the pdf version of the report, and share that with who you want. 

Aggregate your reports

In some cases it may be beneficial to aggregate your situation reports, say for example that you need to send an updated version of a report, but you want all the information in your initial report to stay consistent in your next report. 

Create a new report with the newer details that need to be included, and attach your previous report. 

To do so, create a new report and select the upper field called "Attach other reports".

Select the report(s) you want to attach, and click "Attach reports". 

You'll see the attached report at the top of the report. 

When you open the pdf file of the finalized report, the reports will be displayed in chronological order.