Tags are used to categorize resources and log entries, and can be created by group admins and account admins in the Account settings.
To create a new tag, click "+Create new tag" in the Tags section. 

Fill inn these sections: 

Give your tag a name, and select a color to make it easier to identify later. We recommend choosing different colors to make it easier to distinguish between different tags when you need to use them.

Then, select what kind of tag you are creating. 

There are two types of tags you can create: Log tags and Resource tags.

Log tags are used to mark log entries, and categorize them. This is useful for two reasons: 

1. You can give the reader an indication of what the log entry is about

2. It makes the types of log entries marked with the same tags easier to filter out in the Log feed

Resource tags are used to categorize different types of resources. This can for example be things such as medical equipment or vehicles. 

Lastly, select the group you want the tag to be based in, and the "visibility" for your tag. What this means is choosing the availability of your tag. 

Should your tag be available on a Global, Regional or a Local level in your account?