This section is found in the General settings of RAYVN. 

You'll only have access to this section if your user is assigned the Account Admin role. 

Here you'll find the name of your account, the language that all your system messages are displayed in, the prefix that is attached to all your exercise logs, and your default map position. 

As an account admin, you can make changes to any of these sections. 

Note that if you make any changes to these sections, the changes will affect all users in your account, because they are connected to the account itself, not just your user. 

If you for example change the language for your account, all your system messages will be displayed in this language. 

Each user has the option to change which language they want to use RAYVN in, but the language you set in the General Settings will be the affecting the account itself. 

If you decide to make any changes to these sections, remember to save them by clicking "Save general settings".