For complex situations, with lots of ongoing operations, the sub-incident functionality is perfect. The log gives you the opportunity to notify and communicate with a group of persons regarding the ongoing situation. But sometimes a situation needs attention on different levels, or in different areas. Read more about incidents here.

Create a sub-incident

You can create new sub-incidents from your mobile app.

To create a sub-incident, you need to be in an active log. Tap on the green icon in the menu at the bottom of the screen. From there, select "Create sub-incident".

You can select a predefined sub-incident type from the list if you have set up different sub-incident types in the web version of RAYVN. The predefined sub-incidents have teams and tasks set up so that you don't have to think about who to notify, or what you need to do in the specific scenario.

If none of the existing sub-incident types fits your need, or your administrator hasn't added any,  you can create a sub-incident from scratch, by tapping on "Create custom sub-incident".

Define a title for the incident, and set a severity level. You can choose if your location should be set as the geographical location for the incident. This will let your team be able to see where the different incidents occur on the map view.

Switch between multiple incidents and add information

As long as you are in the "Main feed", your text entries will be added to the active log. The main log collects all information and activities from all the incidents. If you want to add info that is related to a specific incident, you need to switch to the incident before you add your entry. Tap on the "Main feed". You will see a list of all open incidents. After entering the incident, you will see the name of the incident at the top.

When you have selected which incident log you want to go to, write your text entry, or share an image, the same way as you did on the log. The only differences are the information is being added to the incident, and then also viewable to only the persons that have access to the specific incident.

To go back to the main feed tap on the name of the incident, and choose "Main feed".