A log template is an important part of preparing your organization for any type of critical event. A log template consists of a predefined set of:

  • Title and description
  • Teams
  • Tasks
  • Files

So, when a critical event occurs, you can quickly choose from a predefined selection of log templates, each of them set up according to your organization's contingency/action plans for any type of scenario.

To manage your Log templates, go to the Account settings, and click on "Log templates".

You will then see a list of your log templates. You can manage them by clicking on them. If you have many log templates, you can filter them by start writing their name in the filter at the top.

Create a new log template

Click on "New log template" to create a new template.

  • Add the Template name.
  • Add the Template description, which will be the description that will be added to the log when you start from this log template.
  • Add the Template type, which defines whether the template should be available at a Global, Regional, or local level of your organization.
  • Define the Group where you want to assign the log template.
  • Add the Teams that need to be notified in this specific type of situation.
  • Define the Tasks that should be done in this specific type of event. You can also choose to copy tasks from other log templates if you have similar lists of tasks in your existing log templates.
  • *For users of the Strategic module, Add meeting templates to the log template.
  • Add Files. This can be any file that is useful to handle this specific kind of scenario. For example, in setting up a template for a fire in a building, it can be useful to add sketches of floor plans, specific evacuation procedures, door unlock codes, etc. 

When you are done defining your new log template, click  "Save". You will now see your log template in the list of templates.

Publish your log templates

A new template does not automatically become published (available). This allows you to work on your templates, without making them available for use. You can change the publishing status for your templates as follows:

The template is "Unpublished". It is not available for anyone to use.

This template is Published, and is available both in the Web- and mobile app. 

This template is Published, and is available only in in the Web app.

You can modify these setting by clicking on the switches, followed by saving the changes.