When a log is created, RAYVN will automatically notify teams and personnel on four notification channels; automated voice call, email, push  notifications in mobile app and SMS. 

Automated voice call 

Once a log is started, RAYVN will automatically start to call each user. Within seconds, the user will receive an automated voice call which will tell the user to log into their RAYVN account because it needs your attention. The message will be repeated until the user hang up. 


In addition to the voice call, an email with the description of the incident will be sent out to the user's registered email address in RAYVN. In this email, the user can accept the invitation or decline it, and RAYVN will automatically track the response and categorize the reply. 

Push notifications

Push notifications in the mobile app will also be sent out automatically within in seconds and includes the  description of the incident. Log in to your RAYVN account on your mobile device to join the log. 


An SMS containing the description of the situation will be sent out from a local telephone number. You can reply for example YES or NO to this SMS and RAYVN will automatically categorize the replies. 

Note that your teams and personnel does not necessarily need to be notified on all four notification channels. You can easily edit this by clicking on Account settingsTeamsSelect TeamTeam members. Click on the symbols to activate or deactivate notification channels.