Many need to participate in RAYVN through other organization's projects/accounts. In many situations, your company uses RAYVN, as well as other organizations you cooperate with. RAYVN now allows a single user to be part of multiple organizations. 

While having a user in your own organization, others are now able to add you to their own RAYVN organization. For your own organization, you can request help from external users or companies, or you can give them access to a log, just to give them access to updated information about a situation. This can be everything from:

  • Customers
  • Neighboring companies
  • Emergency response units
  • Public services
  • Media relations
  • Etc.

If you have an existing RAYVN user but are added to another RAYVN account, you will receive an email like the one below. Informing you which organization, and person, has added you to their RAYVN. They can now add you to their own teams.

So, when your neighboring organization needs your services, you will receive the notification, sent from them. 

When you log in to RAYVN on the web app, you will now be able to switch between the organizations that you have access to. By default, you will be logged in to the last used "organization". In the top right corner, next to your name, you will see the organization that you are logged in to. Click on the name of the organization to see your available organization, and select the one you want to switch to.

If you accept a log invitation from an email invitation, you should be logged in directly to the specific organization.