In some cases, you would like to share specific files with your team in case of a critical event. You can add files to a log template. So when you start RAYVN using a log template, all the necessary files and resources will be available for the user.  This can be Emergency Action Plans, maps of buildings or locations, a list of specific access codes, etc. 

The files types that are supported are:

  • PDF
  • Excel
  • Word
  • TXT
  • JPG
  • Video (.mp4 / .mov)

The file limit for files is 50MB. But we suggest that you keep in mind that your files will potentially be downloaded by your user over 3G/4G and that it is important in that regard to keep the file sizes to a minimum. This will also secure the fastest possible download time for the users.

For text documents, we also would recommend using PDF. PDF is supported to be displayed in most computers, web browsers, and will also be displayed without any potential need for additional software on your phone, etc.

How to use files in RAYVN

Files can be attached to log templates. Start by creating, or editing a log template, and upload the files that are relevant for the specific scenario. 

When you start a log based on a log template, you will see the files that are connected to the template, and which will be shared with the teams you add to the log.

The first log entry will contain a link to the files, which will be available immediately for all participants. By clicking on the file/link, the file will open, and you can see the contents of the file.

At any time during the event, the files will also be found in the file section. You can also search based on file names, and enable various filters based on file type, etc. 

You can also share files in the log itself. Click on the file upload icon, and select your file from your computer. You can also add a note connected to the specific file, with extended information regarding the content of the file. 

When the log entry has been posted, everyone will have access to the files that have been shared in the log.

The files will also be available on the mobile app.