When using RAYVN in your web browser, the browser saves some information while using RAYVN in its cache and cookies. Occasionally, clearing the cache and cookies fixes specific problems that some might experience during login, loading, or if there are some formatting issues while using RAYVN.

The problem is caused when RAYVN and it's services have made some changes, and your browser is using an old "version," stored in its cache/history.

How you clear the cache, or browsing data, in your browser varies depending on the type of browser your use if you use Windows or Mac, and also which version of a specific browser you use. Also, it depends on the language settings you have in your browser. So we will have to refer you to support pages to the most used browsers below. You can also click on "Help" in your own browser, to find more information about this.

But it is a simple process that only will take a couple of seconds from your browser settings.

Here you'll find complete guides that shows you how to delete your browser cache in: 

Google Chrome


Microsoft Edge