FunctionalityWeb appMobile app
Start log/team status 
Start log

Create incident, further down in the hierarchy

Overview of available resources  
Add extra team or users after created the log
Complete an accident and subtask 

Create new task 

Set priority of the task
Set the due time on task
Help other team members to complete their task
Overview of completed tasks
Add a comment on the completed task

Add file/document  when completing a task

Create new subtask

Post text and picture  into feed

Use tag Key event or released information
Post entry to feed on behalf of others
Define position with addresses search or lat/long GPS coordinates  in the map when creating a log

Overview of resources in the map
GPS tracking of the user device
Create a new incident
Add text/ picture in an incident log
Set address/Gps coordinate on an incident

Complete a task in Incident
Add a task to the incident

Meetings / Current status
Activate/start new meeting

Add information to “Current status”

Upload files to RAYVN
Take photo and upload
Send message
Send a text message (SMS) or e-mail to RAYVN users from the log

Access reports

Account settings
Account settings, define your plan, and set up our emergency response organization