Many critical events for businesses/organizations often involve external stakeholders. The collaboration could be in terms of actually collaborating in order to manage the situation at hand, or it could be that stakeholders need to be informed in the course of the event.

In RAYVN, we call these external entities that you want to collaborate with for Stakeholders.

Examples of Stakeholders could be:

  • Neighboring companies (close to your facility)
  • Customers
  • Service providers
  • Emergency services
  • External consultants
  • Media / Press relations
  • Owners
  • Etc

Traditionally, coordinating with external partners & stakeholders has been done manually by updating them by phone, emails, etc. This has had to be done in addition to managing the critical event in your internal organization. RAYVN can provide a one-in-all solution for managing any critical event, both internally and externally. You will now be able to notify and communicate both with your internal teams and with your external stakeholders. 

This functionality is available to all RAYVN customers. 

How to use the Stakeholder functionality in a log

How to set up Stakeholders