If you are called in to a log in RAYVN, you will most likely receive notifications from one or more of these channels: 

  • Phone calls
  • E-mails
  • SMS
  • Push notifications from the RAYVN app

Responding to a notification

There are two ways for you to respond to a notification in RAYVN.
If you receive an e-mail, you can respond by clicking either "YES" or "NO" to whether or not you can participate in the log. 

If you receive an SMS, you can also respond by replying either "YES" or "NO" to the text message.
Doing so will mark your response in RAYVN under the "Teams"-section in the log. 

Note: If you answer the SMS or E-mail with "YES/NO", only your first response will be registered by RAYVN. So if you click "YES", RAYVN will register you as a participant in the log. If you later change your answer and respond to the notification with "NO", your status as a participant will not change.

If you log directly in to RAYVN and access the log you were invited to, your status will immediately change to "participating". If you want to change this, you can change your participation status in the "Teams" section of the log.

Find your user, click the icon next to your user, and select "Not participating".