In order to create new users that will be able to use RAYVN, you have to be assigned one of the following roles:

Customer Admin - can edit all users in an account

Group admins - can administer users in the group of the logged in user is assigned. 

Create new user

To create new user select the settings icon in the top, right menu. Then choose "Account settings" from the menu.

You will see a list of all users that you have access to administer in your organization. 

  1. Hit the “Create new user” button

  2. A form pops up where you can fill in details about the user. There is also an auto generated profile picture, that you can replace with a profile picture of the user

  3. By default the "Can login" is enabled. If you disable this, the user won't be able to log in to RAYVN, but you can still send notifications to the user.

  4. Fill out the fields regarding, Name, Email and Mobile phone. 

  5. Make sure to set the correct language on the user by selecting the language in the drop-down box

  6. The new user will automatically be added to the currently active group

  7. Specify the role(s) of the user. Read more about the different user roles here.

  8. Select team(s) for the new user by hitting the “Add team” button and then selecting one or more teams from the dropdown list

Edit user

To edit a user, go to the Account settings. Over the list of users, there is a filter. Click on the user you want to edit. If there is a long list of users, you can also filter the list by starting to type the name of the user you want to edit, and the list of users will be updated accordingly. After you have selected a user you will see the user details to the right of the user list. Edit the properties of the user and hit the "Save" button. This will update the user. 

You can edit:

  • If the user should be able to log in to RAYVN or not. Users that shouldn't log in, will still be able to add to teams, and send notifications to.
  • Name, mobile phone number and email
  • Their preferred language
  • Profile picture
  • The users role in RAYVN
  • Which groups the user should be assigned to
  • Request a password reset

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